Personal Details

E-mail: ida.j.alho(at)

Born: August 3rd, 1995 in Hyvinkää Finland


 2011-                    Espoon Yhteislyseo Upper Secondary School

2008-2011             Espoon Yhteislyseo Upper Comprehensive school

2003-2008             Mikkelä Lower Comprehensive school

2002                     Nöykkiön laakso Lower Comprehensive school


Hygiene proficiency certificate: in ninth grade, hygiene certificate included home economics course.

Work experience

25.7.2011- 5.8.2011

Fazer Amica Oy – summer job

Tasks: Helping in kitchen, making salads, doing the dishes

1.11.2010- 12.11.2010

Fazer Amica Oy – work practise program

Tasks: Helping in kitchen, making breakfast, baking, cleaning

Language skills

Finnish: Mother tongue
English: oral good, written satisfactory
Swedish: satisfactory

Computer skills


I can use word, power point, movie maker and media player. I’m good at searching information from internet. I am quite good whit electronic devices, but not so good with websites.I’m bad with blogs and facebook (but I still have bought: school work blog wordpress and own facebook).


I do sports a lot. I play football in ACK B- girls (it is girl’s society from Kirkkonummi). We practise about four times in a week (+ games).

My hobby is also orienteering. I started it when I was about three years old. In the summer I practise orienteering about one time in a week (+ competitions) in the winter I only go jogging because it’s difficult to go orienteering in forest where is snow.

I love travelling. I have been many different countries. Last time I was in Thailand, if Swedish are not counted. I travel a lot and I don’t fear aeroplanes, trains or ships.

I also spend time with my friends and with my dog (I love animals). I read a bit and I try to be good at school.


Area champion 2003 in orienteering, Espoon yhteislyseo Upper Level comprehensive schools 800m running competition, two golds and one silver metal. Nuori Suunta, competition 2004-2008 one silver and four bronze metals.
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